Friday, February 27, 2009

Dear Tommy

When Chip and Pepper's good friend Tom Arnold requested wardrobe for his hit show My Big Fat Redneck Wedding on CMT he just had to have our latest CPU Texas t-shirts, trucker hats, and our classic IkeNifus in Queen. Looks good Tom! And thanks for the lovely pictures. Check out Tom Arnold on CMT Saturdays at 9pm.

Pregger Jeans

Style should be available to any person that wants it. Regardless of size and/or shape. Back in 2005 Chip + Pepper created their maternity denim. Since then stars like Britney Spears, Jennifer Garner, and Rebecca Romijn have been wearing Chip + Pepper's Mamasita and Bump Watch jeans.
Here is our latest press on our maternity denim. This for you beautiful mamas-to-be.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boys are back in town

Chip + Pepper have so much love for Canada. So much that they have opened a pop-up shop in Winnipeg! The little town they were born in. The shop is open until March 15th so if you are in the area you must visit. Their good friend Tom Thomson has helped open the space. It looks so cute and woodsy you just want to squeeze it! Oh, and did I mention there is a ridiculous discount on all the denim?! Print the flyer below and receive an extra 8.7% off discounted prices.
Hey, every penny counts now-a-days.

Visit the store in Winnipeg located at: 147 Provencher Blvd - Unit 103 Winnipeg, MB, Canada (204) 231-8013

The Chip + Pepper crew in Winnipeg

Little dude with Chip + Pepper denim vest with fur lining

Selvedge your ca$h

Chip + Pepper have done it again. Applying their life experiences to their line they have designed the selvedge wallet.

Chip was tired of having some wallets demagnetize his credit cards so he created something fashionable that meets his luxury needs.

The wallet retails at $210 but is at $150 now! There is only 150 wallets out so hurry and go to to get your limited edition wallet.


Skinny jeans are the best. They fit great with heels, booties, boots, flip flops, and flats. That's why every time Chip + Pepper come out with a new wash for their skinny jeans SLIDER we must have a photo shoot and capture the perfection of these jeans. The 8" zipper on the side seams gives the style a little edge and the ability to transform into a flare or boot...if necessary. See for yourself kiddies.

Photos by Neil Sharum Styling by ton y van van

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fergalicious Jeans

I was scrolling through when I saw Chip + Pepper in one of the headlines.
Fergie is wearing Chip + Pepper in one our most recognized washes Bella Coola.

La La La Lindsay we <3 you!

Say what you will about Miss Lindsay Lohan but one thing you know is she has good taste in fashion. Here Lindsay is sporting Chip + Pepper Slider in Alpine.

He's Just Into Chip + Pepper

I was feeling a little emo and decided to go watch He's Just Not That Into You with the girls. Towards the end I spotted a Chip and Pepper University Wisconsin Badgers t-shirt on Ben Affleck! Rock on! x

And we love you!

The Chip and Pepper crew came back from PROJECT Vegas exhausted but content. While walking around we saw some awesome collections and other things we rather not see again or we will throw up on you! Other than that a couple amazing publications showed us some love. Check it out!

Bobby Baby in SIMCO

Past event. SUNDANCE!

I traveled to Sundace Film Festival for Chip + Pepper's "gifting suite" at the Green Door. I don't know how I feel about Sundance. There were so many highs and so many looows. Here is a re-cap of our adventures.

8:05 am Breakfast on the plane

9:36 am Arrival at Las Vegas Airport

10:47 am Utah arial view

Drew (Green Door) and Yolie (Chip + Pepper helper) @ No Name Saloon on Main St. Park City

Green Door Mansion & Chip + Pepper

Engineered Selvedge in Edmonton

Chip + Pepper fans

Chip + Pepper dressing room/elevator

Shorty look good

Peyton in Freeland, Cut Off in Pastel Pink, Cut Off in Pastel Green

On a very hot winter day in Los Angeles we decided to take advantage of the global warming weather and have a photo shoot. Chip + Pepper's spring/summer shorts collection is bright and refreshing offering 3 different styles: Peyton, Bullet Short, and Cut Off. ton y van van came out to add a little sass to the shots and our good friend John came out to shoot. We want to thank Jules over at Jet Set Models for providing us with beautiful ladies last minute. Many thanks to Monika, Laken, Natalie, Patti, and Pac.

Peyton in Powerline
Cut off in Lavender

Bullet Short in Powerline, Cut Off in Blue Lake