Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I spy Chip and Pepper

Today, I received a friendly email from Garen who works for LaPlaca Cohen, an ad agency, which just did a huge campaign for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's (that's in NY people) re-opening of the American Wing. Garen was nice enough to send us the ad and let us know that the only visible piece of clothing in the advertisement happened to be the Chip and Pepper jeans on the guy on the bottom right hand side of the page. Thanks Garen, this looks awesome!

The ad will appear in the weekend's NY Times.


  1. Hi,
    Love the picture and most importantly love the jeans. Glad the jeans are back (back home in Canada C&P were popular and than vanished).
    Do you know when the actual C&P website will be up??

  2. Hi,
    Totally random..but I met both Chip&Pepper at an event at Nordstroms at the Grove a few years ago. Was just curious if there were any open Internships..I love the brand and would love to work for you both. Amazing Denim as always. My email is

    Thanks so much,

  3. Is there a general contact e-mail for your office regarding business?

  4. Hi! I am currently opening a boutique in Flowood, MS and interested in carrying your chip and pepper denim. I've been searching the net trying to find some contact information for your sales rep. Could you help me out? My email is

  5. Where can I purchase Chip and Pepper Jeans for men? They are the only jeans my husband will wear and I cannot find them anywhere lately. What is going on? Is there a direct phone number that I can reach to purchase them from? We are desperate!!! Please email me at
    Thank you!

  6. Hi guys -
    I noticed the the Chip and Pepper label for the first time today while browsing in a department store. Honestly, what caught my eye was the tag designs - read on, you'll soon understand why!

    A partner and I own a tiny online art supply business. Our focus is on non-traditional items for use in mixed media artwork, paper arts, art journaling, mail art, cardmaking, scrapbooking, home decor crafts, altered art, etc. We offer hand-picked vintage ephemera and found objects. For a closer look at what we do, visit our blog:

    The graphic elements of your tags - the logo, the textures, the typography, the colors - are exactly what I find appeals to our customers. We are enthusiastic about and encourage "upcycling" - or repurposing used items in creative ways. I think that inclusion of your clothing tags in our kits would appeal greatly to our customers.

    I expect that your line, as a result, may enjoy greater brand visibility and awareness. Many of our customers and designers are regularly published in industry magazines both here in the US and abroad. Most of them are avid bloggers with decent followings - they enjoy sharing their work with others. Inclusion of your tag in any of their artwork puts your line front and center.

    I am wondering if you might consider donating or allowing us to purchase a small number of tags? We would be interested in the various designs you use - cloth, paper, etc.; external brand identification tags, tags sewn into the inner or outer band... any of that works well. Charms and keychains, foam, and other substrates are also a hit.

    What do you think? Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Amy Wing, Gauche Alchemy,

  7. Someone has an eye for detail! Those chip and pepper jeans look great on him!