Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pull Your Jeans Not Your Lycra

Chip and Pepper started a maternity line in 2005 when their families started to grow and they found that their wives wanted fashionable jeans to wear during their pregnancy. 2005 was also the year infamous pop singer Britney Spears became pregnant with her first son, so Chip and Pep decided to create custom cut off shorts for the singer properly titled, Sex with the X. Ms. Spears loved them and since then Chip and Pep have expanded their maternity line to denim shorts, skirts, and pants. Recently, Stephanie, blogger for Metropolitan Mama http://metropolitanmama.net/ listed her all time favorite pregnancy products you must have. Of course, Chip and Pepper maternity denim, Mamasita in Lynn Lake made it to the top of the list. Read the post to get more details on what this mamasita thought about the cut, style, and feel of the jean. http://metropolitanmama.net/2009/05/6-pregnancy-products-you-probably-want/.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my "6 Pregnancy Products You Probably Want" article. Chip & Pepper's Mamasita jeans really are phenomenal. They made me feel pretty, even in my final trimester...and that is no small thing! In fact, I was wearing these jeans the day that I went into labor!

    I highly recommend the Mamasita jeans to all moms-to-be.