Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ladies from Lucky Magazine stop by the LAB

Yesterday, fashion market editor for Lucky Magazine, Noria Morales and LA account sales Jill Biren stopped by the Chip + Pepper offices for a friendly hello and to talk about the August Denim guide. As the ladies looked around the PR office and skimmed through the summer and fall 09 woman's line there was a wash that stood out to Noria. The Ontario wash, which has the yellow tint to give denim a true vintage look.

Stella in Ontario

We hope it makes the denim guide. The girls went home happy with their choice of denim. Noria took home the Peyton shorts in Powerline to keep her cool in the hot LA weather. Jill preferred Slider in Wonderland White the best white skinny denim for the summer!

Slider in Wonderland White

Peyton in Powerline


  1. i grew up watching you guys on the look for less, and since then i've had a new appreciation for jeans of all styles. found your blog on the stylish wanders, its amazing!

  2. Loving your posts! Cant wait for the site to be finished so we can start shopping!


    Your friends at 2304 Zeno Pl

  3. Hello Chip & Pepper! Want to buy your line for spring/summer 10....actually immediately. Who is your rep in Canada...East or West?? Check out the online store at www.ShopAria.ca

    Tammy Beltrami
    Aria Boutique

  4. hi chip hi pepper im lennox the son of your old freind lenard winslow i like your jeans a lot

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